For County Court Judge, Group 4
Brevard County, Florida



For County Court Judge, Group 4

Renee Torpy

About Renee

A Judge has a high level of responsibility.  It requires a person to have the proper demeanor and varied experience to handle diverse cases in an efficient manner. Working with her clients, Renee Torpy has shown compassion, patience, firmness, and common sense. She would bring the traits to the bench.  Also, she has the experience to properly preside over each case. 

She attended Satellite High School, continued her education at Brevard Community College, and earned her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies at University of Central Florida, specializing in Criminal Law and Individual Liberties.  Before she attended law school, she volunteered as a Victim Advocate at the Women’s Center and worked at law firms.  Doing that confirmed her childhood dream that she wanted to be a trial attorney and then a Judge. Renee Torpy made the decision to commuted to Barry University School of Law and earned her Juris Doctorate and a High Honors Certificate in Trial Advocacy.

During law school, she worked as a Legal Research Assistant and became a certified legal intern and worked at Environmental and Earth Law Clinic and at the Office of the Public Defender, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit. Once she graduated law school, she returned to the Public Defender’s office as a certified legal intern and passed the Florida Bar to become an Assistant Public Defender.  Later, she transferred over to the State Attorney’s Office to become an Assistant State Attorney, staying in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.  During this time, she handled several hundred active cases from misdemeanors to felonies in both County and Circuit Court, Juvenile Court, Juvenile Drug Court, and Baker Acts.  Then, in 2020, Renee Torpy switched to civil law and became an Injunction For Protection attorney to focus helping victims of domestic, dating, sexual violence and stalking.  She has conducted numerous criminal and civil trials.  Now that she has attained the experience and practical knowledge of the law and consistently applied it in courtrooms almost daily, she is ready to become one of Brevard’s County Court Judges.

In addition, she understands the Judge’s oath is to interpret the laws and to protect the constitutional rights of all citizens, regardless of power or position. It is a Judge’s duty to support the laws as they are written, not as how they might wish the laws were written. If elected, Renee Torpy will administer justice fairly and impartially with respect and dignity to all.  Her decisions will be made free of political influence or intimidation and regardless of my own personal view or the views of the voters.  Renee Torpy will always keep an open mind in deciding matters, free of personal opinions, while following the law.



The Torpy Family


Grave Robbers or Archaeologists? Salvaging Shipwrecks

Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, VOL. 46, NO. 1, p. 83-103 · Jan 1, 2015

In Florida, we regularly hear about the discovery on a shipwreck. It seems to be a divide battle whether the sites should go under excavation or be left in peace. This article exams the positives and negatives to excavations and applies salvage laws. It looks at what is at stake for the artifacts. This article also examines the challenges that must be met with taking and preserving the artifacts. It discusses how professional and amateur archaeologists, hobby collectors, and looters take their responsibility for the artifacts differently. The purpose of this article is to show the importance of learning and preserving humankind’s history.

Article Link


If Criminal Offenses Were Added to CITES, Would Nations Be Better Able to Restrict International Trade in Endangered Species and Protect Biodiversity?

Brazilian Journal of International Law, VOL. 9, NO. 3, Special Issue: International Environmental Law, p. 57-70, 2012. · Apr 1, 2013

We often hear the world is shrinking due to technology, but how can the internet affect illicit international trade in endangered species products? There are such small risks with being involved with illegal trade that something needs to be done to deter people. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (“CITES”) is inadequate to deal with present problems. However, there are numerous solutions on the dealing with international trade of endangered species products, each with their own challenges.

Article Link

Volunteer and Community Involvement

Renee volunteers as the Chair for Brevard’s Domestic Violence Task Force in which she keeps law enforcement, advocates, and attorneys up to date on new case law and resources for victims.  She also volunteered to be on the committee to help Melbourne City Ballet Theatre to market and raise funds to directly support two classical ballet Productions at the Maxwell King Center for the Performing Arts with the National Ballet Theatre of Ukraine.

Awards and Recognition

Inspiring Business Leader, December 2021
Given by: BAND APP; Nominated by Priscilla Rivera-Diaz

 Serene Harbor’s Employee of the Year, December 2021
Given by: Beverly DeMeyer, President/CEO of Serene Harbor

 Serene Harbor’s Employee of the Month, November 2021
Given by: Veronica Concha with Serene Harbor

 Runner-Up for 2021 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service, 2021 Given by: Jack Newton, CEO And Founder of Clio-Cloud-based Legal Technology 

Serene Harbor’s Employee of the Month, March 2021
Given by: Nikki Helton with Serene Harbor

 Pride in Excellence Employee of the Month Award, 2018 
Given by: Phil Archer, State Attorney of Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Office 

Clarence T. Johnson, Jr. Member of the Year Award, 2017 
Given by: Vassar B. Carlton Chapter of American Inns of Court 

Chapter Outstanding Junior, 2014 
Given by: Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR): Commodore John Barry Chapter 

2nd Place in the Andrew P. Vance Memorial Writing Competition, 2013 
Held by: Customs and International Trade Bar Association (CITBA) and Brooklyn Law School 

 Honor Participant in the International Insolvency Research Studies, 2013      Held by: International Insolvency Institute 



Renee is proudly endorsed by the following members of the Brevard County community, businesses, and individuals.

  • Sheriff Wayne Ivey
  • Mike Haridopolos, Former President of the Florida Senate
  • Steve Crisafulli, Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
  • Senator Tom A. Wright
  • Florida Representative Tyler I. Sirois
  • County Commissioner John Tobia
  • Daniel E. Diesel, Mayor of Titusville
  • Rob Medina, Mayor of Palm Bay
  • Paul Alfrey, Mayor of Melbourne
  • Carol M. McCormack, Mayor of Palm Shores
  • Kathy Meehan, Former Mayor of Melbourne
  • Melbourne Council Member Tim Thomas
  • Palm Bay Council Member Peter Filiberto
  • Gene Newberry, Former Mayor of Indian Harbour Beach
  • Jesse Geiger, Former Indialantic Chief of Police
  • Wayne Torpy, Former Deputy Chief of Melbourne Police Department
  • Attorney Alan Landman
  • Attorney Stephen Charpentier
  • Attorney Scott and Jaime Alpizar
  • Attorney Derrick Connell
  • Attorney Karen Montas
  • Attorney Steve Cassanova
  • Attorney Gregory W. Eisenmenger
  • Attorney Jack L. Platt
  • Attorney Brynn Brito
  • Attorney Ethan Babb
  • Attorney Sean Harnage
  • Attorney Kathryn Bosse
  • Attorney Francine Kalish
  • Attorney Taylor Hughes
  • Attorney Karl Bohne
  • Attorney Charlie Nash
  • Nash & Kromash, LLP
  • Attorney Rick Lavery
  • Attorney Renee Dial
  • Attorney Gabriel Jacobs
  • Attorney Charles “Chip” Barger
  • Attorney Kaylee Taylor
  • Attorney Dennis Smejkal
  • Attorney Beth Cutshall
  • Attorney Marilyn Howard
  • Attorney Andrew Weinstock
  • Attorney Kelleen Duncan-Neisler
  • Attorney William “Bill” Meyer
  • Attorney Christopher Martin
  • Attorney Brook Anderson O’Sullivan
  • Attorney Bonnie Klein Rhoden
  • Attorney Alexa (Filiberto) Moia
  • Attorney Jamie Garber
  • Attorney Claudia Pastorius
  • Attorney Candice LaFontaine
  • Attorney Heather Harris
  • Attorney Mark and Tiffanie Warzecha
  • Attorney Rodney M. Kernan
  • Attorney Duana Boyles
  • Attorney Eric Wicks
  • Attorney Shara Kernan
  • Attorney Jessica Lynn Silva and C. Keone Silva
  • Attorney Kenneth E. Rhoden
  • Attorney Carlos Perez Irizarry
  • Attorney Victor Chapman
  • Attorney Robin Michaels Tomberg
  • Scott Glover
  • Bill Orndorf
  • Robin Fisher
  • Scott Wright
  • John Casey
  • Matt Susin
  • Ron Howse
  • Rashmi & Mike Shah
  • Marsha & Summit Shah
  • Sandy & Bruce Deardoff
  • Tom and Jennifer Kelly
  • Jarrod and Lindsey Pike
  • Jo Solley-Hansen
  • Betty Jo Green
  • Douglas Park
  • Paul Zizzo
  • Emily Dunn
  • RRL Insurance
  • Mark Wolf
  • Sun Clean Dry Cleaners
  • Tad Corrigan
  • Treasure Coast Ranch
  • Jose and Maria Lara
  • John and Barbara Rumpel
  • Victoria Landing
  • Deborah Gilbert Plaag
  • Ronnie Nail
  • Nail Farms, Inc.
  • Michael Eubank
  • Carrol Distributing
  • Bronco and Francis Pawtowski
  • JP Sewer Rooter
  • Adrian Kellgren
  • Keltec Firearms
  • Brevard Robotics
  • Dr. Nathan Allison
  • AJ Hiers
  • Boniface Hiers automotive Group
  • Ed and Jeanne Andre
  • Frogbones Family Shooting Center
  • Wayne Torpy II
  • Olivia Katherine Arnold
  • Joey and Ashley Reese
  • Bill Johnson
  • Cliff and Annette Turner
  • Ubiquitous Designs
  • Renovations, Inc.
  • Lester Woodring
  • Lew, Inc.
  • Grey Hamilton
  • Hamilton Masonry
  • Kurt McKinny
  • McKinney Commercial Construction Group, Inc.
  • Camp Holly
  • David Kello
  • Portfolio Home Construction
  • Freedom Outdoor Kitchens
  • Portfolio Homes Brokerage
  • Geoff and Sarah Herring
  • Fightlite Industries
  • Tom Lindsey
  • Valerie Lammon
  • La Boutique De Bridal & Tuxedos
  • Melvin Renovations
  • Amanda Williams
  • Michelle Boyles
  • Mindful Monarch Counseling, LLC
  • Jason Nagel, PA
  • Sarah von Leer Chong
  • The Piano Studio of Sarah von Leer Chong
  • Mike Howard
  • Shawn Beck
  • Jack’s Wrecker Service
  • Paul Osman
  • Perry Osman
  • Kasey Osman
  • Kyle Osman
  • Kasey Osman Insurance, LLC
  • Fred Kendall
  • Bullgator Airboat Tours, LLC
  • Gators Bar & Grill, LLC
  • Kendall Automotive Center, LLC
  • Hamant Airboats, LLC
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Nicholas Desaulnier
  • Alicia Evonne
  • Priscilla Rivera-Diaz
  • TotalCareIT
  • JB Earth & Aquatics
  • Leslie E. Woodring, Inc.
  • Victoria’s Wings, LLC
  • Victoria West LLC
  • Doug Hamble’s Pluming
  • Richard’s Paint
  • Robert T. Rose
  • Bansbach Easylift of North America, Inc.
  • Rick Stork
  • Realtree, Inc.
  • Space Coast Massage & Spa
  • Space Coast Education Center
  • Royce Bartlett
  • Dr. Steve Ryland
  • Tracie Desaulnier
  • Mario Guerra Fermin
  • Stephan Celuch
  • Don Skinner
  • Chal Kain
  • Charles Desaulnier
  • Guy M. Spearman
  • Tom Key Davis
  • Theresa Lynch
  • Dr. Glenn E Bryan
  • Steve Maidhof
  • Kimberly Maidhof
  • Corey Nail
  • Daniel Rocque
  • Lee Rocque
  • Jared Rocque
  • Darla Rocque
  • Nancy Armeson
  • Kevin Pressler
  • William Klein
  • Cynthia Tripp
  • Garren Cone


Who May Vote: ALL Brevard County Registered Voters

Early Voting: October 24, 2022 – November 5, 2022 

General Election: November 8, 2022 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Primary and general election day polls open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.

To request to vote by mail in Brevard County visit: